Saad Negm – Portfolio

Welcome to Saad Negm’s Portfolio.

As Saad Negm, I would like to invite you to know more about me by visiting my LinkedIn page. There you will have a more detailed list of my professional experience, education, volunteering experience and more information that may just interest you.

The portfolio is still under construction and is lacking a very large number of portfolio items to be displayed. The layout and design of the site will greatly differ once it recieves its full make-over and more items in each current category are to be added. Additionally, categories such as Special Effects, Literature and more are to be added.

To access the various galleries and their categories, you need only to investigate the menu items or by clicking on a category below.

Web Design | Concept Art | Stationery DesignPhotography Manipulation | Flyer and Poster Design3D Modelling2D Texture Design | Material Shaders | 3D Character Animation | Video Game Level Design | Music